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RadioHogan Mission Statement

RadioHogan is a survivors guide that uses the Social Sciences as a prism to examine the totems and taboos of our time. The history of ideas are used to reveal the diet of illusion we all consume. Experience the difference and diversity of our ideas. RadioHogan videos are, available for download, on ITunes and on the RadioHogan channel on YouTube. Articles have been written over a 7 years period, using the Social Sciences, to view 9 towns in New Jersey. The articles were originally written for an read more

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Where to Find RadioHogan Videos?

You can find a complete list of RadioHogan videos by clicking on the Video Clips button in the left margin menu on every page. We are also including the address of the videos in the article describing the videos. The articles are listed chronologically as they are loaded on You can also find over 160 more recent videos on YouTube. Just search for the RadioHogan channel. We are also linking to ITunes, so you can download Rad read more

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In the old days among the old ways, publishers needed to make massive capital investments in a large printing plant, including all associated equipment. In addition, the publisher needed pockets deep enough to set up a widespread distribution system, including a fleet of trucks and, possibly, a system of decentralized printing plants.  read more

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The Seannachai

By Maeve Binchy


In Ireland, we used to have a class of people in the old days before books and printing called the seannachai, or storytellers. They would walk around the country going from house to house just telling stories. Sometimes they told historical stories, sometimes just gossip from the next parish. All they had to be able to do  read more

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Admiral Hammerhead

Our man visits China. read more

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Shaba & Chatila

Hello Hogan,

I appreciate your articles and wish there are more people like you. Your story on Shaba & chatila is nice but you don\'t elaborate and you have the name wrong it\'s Sabra & Chatila names of the two owners of the land where those 2 camps are situated, just to get the record straight and make the reader know that your stories are researched and veridics.

keep the good work.


 read more

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Compulsory Miseducation

The title is taken from a book by one of America\'s premier social critics, Paul Goodman. read more

Feb 10, 2009 |  Comments: 0/0

Sports Authority

This essay was originally written over seven years ago. In that time my views have changed. I now view coaches as transmission system for jingoism and nationalism - the seeds of fascism read more

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The Military Receives 54% of the US Federal Budget

The source is the enclosed analysis by the War Resisters League. read more

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The Middle Class Quest for Immortality & the Psychic Benefit of Superiority

Alot of folks try to pack much into a day (time is money). Is it the stress of modernity? Is it because real income (adjusted for inflation) has been declining for over 30 years? Can anyone remember the 1950\'s or 1960\'s when one income supported a family? Are read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

Fairness? Does It Exist?

After a lifetime of thinking about this and that, one acquires a viewpoint. The individual\'s vantage point consists of a high priority. Most Americans never possess a world view or a sense of priorities, beyond what is imposed by school, media, government and culture.  There is an intense desire to be accepted (popular) by the group, according to social psychologists. Educators refer to such indoctrination as socialization.

At this point in America\'s history, there is n read more

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Middle Class Values Inconsistent with Education

Those who live in the web of illusion called the middle class automatically assume their values are superior to all others. This is not surprising given the fact the middle class are lauded and heralded in mass media every day, while other classes and value systems are unseen. How are middle class values taught? Public and religious schools are the cultural transmission system for all values, customs and mores in our society. What is taught? What values might be substituted in a different  read more

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Socialism As A Weltanschauung - 6rd Edition with Conclusion

How does one form a world view or weltanschauung.? Our world view is patterned upon us by the zeitgeist or cultural screen. What are the dominant views imposed upon us by mass media?

Columbia University Professor Richard Hofstader has written about Social Darwinism in American life. Social Darwinism, as initially presented by English sociologist Herbet Spenser and later interpreted by Yale Professor William Graham Sumner, seems to be in harmony with the the work of a father of read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 2/2

Sociology & Socialism

Sociology and Socialism study the class system in society.  As an academic, the sociologist observes, analyzes and describes the class system. The academic is neutral or disinterested in regard to class. The finest such sociological investigation is, to my mind, "The Urban Villagers" by Professor Herbert Ganz. It is a study of working class Italian Americans in Boston in the 1950\'s. I think of it as a monumental historical work.

There is no acknowledgment of th read more

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Hierarchy & Hegemony

Among the many misconceptions (propaganda) taught in school is the idea that America is a democracy. The fact is, America was never designed to be a democracy, nor has it become a democracy. The American revolution was an argument among the wealthy elites in England and America. It was aristocrats arranging a divestiture. After America became independent these wealthy American aristocrats continued to rule. In terms of a class analysis, there was no revolution at all.

The so c read more

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Democrats & Republicans Compared - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb?

Among the many misconceptions (propaganda) taught in schools is the "two party system." As children, we are taught there are only two valid parties. Implied or stated is the notion that a vote for a third party is a wasted vote. There are certainly many wasted votes in a nation where only 50% of eligible voters bother to register. Only 50% of registered voters bother to vote. In the end, only 25% of eligible voters come out to vote.

Therefore, the wining party garner read more

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Iraq Quagmire - Support Our Troops - Bring Them Home, Now!

This essay was written, and appeared on, shortly after the war in Iraq began, in early 2003. read more

Mar 30, 2004 |  Comments: 0/0

Hogan Harangues

A middle class man from one of the Pascack Valley\'s oldest and finest families repeatedly referred to my writing and A/V style on as haranguing my audience. My visitor was telling me he views my work as long, pompous and marked by strong feeling (according to a Webster\'s II New College Dictionary copyright 2001, 1999, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Co.).  Once again, I found myself paying to be insulted. The visitor was a contractor being paid an hourly rate to perform a service. < read more

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American Education Fails to Teach History - No Understanding of Colonialism & Imperialism - 3rd Edition with Summary Now Available

A new principal in the Pascack Valley (Westwood HS) will be teaching the history of martial arts as part of a social studies class he will teach. Americans will substitute anything for American & world history. Why?

America\'s century long ongoing effort to colonize the world is not covered in school. Therefore, American children and adults do not understand the American Imperial prerogative. Americans have no perspective in the matter of Imperialism. As all European Empir read more

Nov 8, 2008 |  Comments: 0/0

The Social Critic & The Middle Class

Recently, a user named Max Powers (an Internet pseudonym) interpreted what I do as hatred for the Pascack Valley. I responded to Max\'s observation by saying that all of America is much the same and that I thought of myself as a social critic. This brings us to the question; what is a social critic?

There have been newspaper writers, like I.F.Stone, who were great social critics. Then there were non-fiction writers called muckrakers such as Upton Sinclair ("The Jungl read more

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